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     When to Euthanize (Put to Sleep) a Pet? 

I was recently e-mailed the all too often question asked of veterinarians, "How do I decide when is the appropriate time to euthanize my beloved pet?". This is never an easy question to answer as each situation is different. Each family and animal relationship is unique. I will try to give my own personal insight into this area, though.

Anyone who has ever had a close relationship with an animal knows they each have a distinct personality. All animals can communicate with us as well. You may have just "known" what your pet wanted at times, right? I get this communication from my pets often.

To be straight forward, animals are spiritual beings, not just bodies. We are too and don't let anyone tell you they or we are just chemicals and enzymes and our emotions and thoughts are controlled by such.

As spiritual beings, animals and we are immortal and live beyond the death of the body. In fact, any time I have performed a euthanasia, I communicate to the pet what is going to happen, such as this body isn't working any more and I am going to help you out of it, and various options they have after that, such as being a dog or cat again or getting brave and trying out the human adventure, et cetera. (Of course, one can go sit on a cloud or mountain top and take a break for awhile if they so desire as well.)

So that stated, back to our question. Usually, you will know. Some indicators though, are your pet not wanting food or water or to be touched, hiding, crying out in pain that just cannot be alleviated, sunken eyes, and just a general lack of interest in life and anything that was of interest to the pet in the past. Definitely, have your pet checked over before making such a final decision as these symptoms can be something temporary and fixable. If the diagnosis is something that cannot be fixed, I consider it unfair to the pet to keep them in a body racked with pain or illness. I doubt you would want the same.

It can be very tough to make this decision. It was the toughest one I have had to make in my life and I have had to do so a few times as I have had many many beloved furry friends. Keep in mind what you would want if you were the pet in that state and I am sure you will make the right decision.

If you have trouble with the loss (grief that doesn't seem to resolve, etc...) don't resort to drugging it away. Go to dianetics.org and find someone close by to help you out. There is a permanent solution to grief and depression using this technology. It is, also, a great idea to handle any prior losses you have had before you have to make this decision so you can not base the decision on old emotional pain. The same site and technology offered there can do so.

I hope this helps anyone in the unfortunate position of having to confront this decision.

RECOMMENDED ENTERTAINMENT: Take the family to go see "Ice Age II". It is very sweet and entertaining.

Until next month.

Dr. Jan

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