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By: Erica J Miles

Veterinary acupuncture is the treatment of pets like cats, dogs and horses. Acupuncture is a part of Chinese medicine use to diagnosis and treat animals and people. This treatment is known as the traditional Chinese medicine. It is a holistic approach to the cure of chronic diseases in patients. This treatment considers the patient as an organism having unified energetic parts rather than considering individual body parts for the treatment. In veterinary acupuncture, animals are also considered as a whole-unit consisting of body, mind, diet, spirit, and environment.

Generally, the holistic approach of this medicine helps to explain this ancient medical approach. In conventional medicinal treatments, doctors tend to analyze the symptoms and according to the diagnosis, the physician addresses the problem by trying to cure the symptoms. On the contrary, holistic or acupuncture therapy looks at the symptoms and tries to find out the causes of the symptoms that are present.

The treatment is given only after the root cause has been ascertained by analyzing the symptoms. There are few competitors to western vererinary medicine, however this therapy is the next best thing by far. Holistic approach can bring good total health and welfare to your pets. Some times this treatment also includes the conventional methods. Traditional medicine treatment generally includes acupuncture and herbs along with certain other techniques to balance the body and allow the animals to cure.

Other techniques are also involved in the treatment of animals. Laser stimulation, electric stimulation and many more are common treatments. Acupuncture and herbal medicinal treatment have been in practice for thousands of years by the Chinese. The US has now greatly accepted this treatment.S, practitioners to cure animals as well as the humans. In this treatment, the accupoints are stimulated and then treated with the herbal medicines.

Accupoints are the points where the needles pierce the skin during acupuncture therapy. This piercing stimulates those points and the stimulation cures the diseases. This is the manual treatment to cure a disease. In the electric treatments, passing electric currents through the needles stimulates the accupoints. These needles are treated as the electrodes. The current passing stimulates the point. Another method to stimulate the points is by laser method.

These are the certain methods to stimulate the accupoints and treat the disease. Acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicines are good for diagnosing diseases and treating them. Acupuncture shows the effects according to the time and after certain time the disease will cure. Although small pets like birds, ferrets and rabbits can be cured with this treatment, physicians generally treate animals such as cat dogs and horses.

Generally, the acupuncture therapy is done with the help of needles made of metal. The weight of the needle is about 28gm to 30gm. These needles are sharp and used to prick certain accupoints on the skin. Penetration depth of the needles in the skin of the animal is about 1/2" to 3/4". The penetration and stimulation of these points can help lead to the cure of the animal.

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