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     Sea Cucumber for Dogs and Cats 

Sea Cucumber Supplement Benefits

I was researching the various ingredients in our supplement Megaflex and found out that one of them, Sea cucumber is quite amazing. It has many uses and properties that it surprised me that it isn't more well known and used. Let me list some of what I found.

Its main use in the supplement, Megaflex is for joint pain. Due to the fact Sea Cucumber has glucosamine, chondroitin and mucopolysaccharide content it is anti-inflammatory which aids in arthritis and other joint injuries and illnesses. These ingredients are known to decrease a component of the inflammation pathway in the body called prostaglandin and therefore decreases the inflammation. Inflammation leads to pain and lack of use so decreasing inflammation decreases pain and increases use of the joint(s) and flexibility. Many of us are familiar with these ingredients and may even take them ourselves individually or in combination with each other. Glucosamine is also known to help with lubrication of the joints and is used extensively in veterinary medicine. If arthritis is severe there may be a need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, Rimadyl or others. Possibly even cortisone may be used. All those have side effects and giving something like Sea Cucumber may decrease the dose needed of prescription drugs and therefore side effects and cost.

There are two components of Sea Cucumber that may have an effect on cancer prevention or treatment. One has direct anti-tumor effects-I won't give you the $25 dollar chemical name on it. The other keeps blood vessels from growing and therefore starves the tumor of nutrients.

An interesting fact about chondroitin which is contained in Sea Cucumber is that it also interferes with clotting so has an anticoagulant effect. Some people may be familiar with that from having to take aspirin or other anticoagulants such as coumadin to avoid heart attacks or strokes.

Due to the high content that Sea Cucumbers have of protein, collagen, fatty acids, vitamins, iron and calcium, these sea creatures can regrow their body parts, otherwise known as regeneration. This could very well give the reason that when eaten as food or their extracts are consumed, wound healing is helped. I started taking a Sea Cucumber supplement myself and noticed that a surgical site I had from a skin mass removal started healing better and the scar is lightening up in color. It also looks less inflamed.

Some researchers are thinking that Sea Cucumber may also have antibiotic activity.

So, all in all, I'm thinking this is something of a miracle supplement. I wish I had researched it sooner. Anyhow, here is the data for you.

I hope you find this information helpful, especially if you have any pets with the above body issues.

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Wishing you and your pets all the best of health.

Until next time,

Dr. Jan

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