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     Rescuing Stray Animals 

We all love animals and want to do what we can to protect and help them. Sometimes pets get loose or animals don't have anyone to care for them. They can be found wandering the neighborhood or even get into the road or on busy freeways.

What can we do in these situations? Firstly, you want to be sure you are safe and not going to get hurt in the process of trying to help such an animal. If you get hurt, you can't help the animal. Ceratinly if the animal is friendly, get ahold of the dog or cat and get the animal into a safe space until either the owner or other animal rescue personnel can pick the animal up. If the animal is unfriendly, even to the point of serious injury to you, calling professionals is probably best. If you can somehow confine the animal to a safe area while waiting for help, that is great. If you have a loop type of leash that you could slip over the animals neck, you might be able to get ahold of the animal without actually touching him or her.

If the animal is injured, be careful as scared and hurt animals are more likely to strike out. If the animal is in continued danger and must be moved you may have to do so, if possible. If you have a rope or leash or tie or even pantyhose or any type of long thin fabric a muzzle can be fashion for a dog by tying a loop and slipping it over the muzzle and then tighting the knot over the top of the muzzle then crossing it under the muzzle and putting the ends back behing the head under the ears and tying again there. A cat may be wrapped in a jacket or towel or other thick large cloth. Also, do what you can to prevent injuring the animal further. If it is impossible to move the animal, do what you can to protect him or her. If it is a busy road and you have flares put those out and have your caution lights blinking. Maybe even get others to stop and help. Of course, in any case, get the appropriate emergency personnel to come and help.

It is probably a good idea to have all appropriate emergency and rescue group numbers in our cell phones so we have quick access to such in case we run into this type of situation.

Here's hoping all animals stay safe, but if we do find one who isn't I hope the above gives some ideas of what we can do to help.

Recommended entertainment: The movie "Puss in Boots"-made me smile and laugh for the entire 90 minutes.

Until next time,

Dr. Jan

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