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Fiber For Dogs and Fiber For Cats 

The Benefits of Fiber in pet's diets

Fiber is obviously very important for the health of the digestive tract and most of us have seen the commercials on TV for our own systems.

There is insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. The latter is mainly for bulk and helps push through disuch gested particles and hair as that that cats and dogs may ingest when grooming. It also adds bulk to the stool and can aid in the prevention of constipation. It can aid in weight loss as the pet feels full despite not eating a great deal of calories. In fact, most weight loss diets for pets are fairly high in fiber content.

Insoluble fiber does the above and also is somewhat fermentable which means it helps the good bacteria in the gut have food and survive to aid further in digestion. This is known as being a prebiotic.

One of the main ones used in pet products is beet pulp which is actually the left over of the sugar beet after the sugar has been extracted.

Beet pulp being insoluble acts as an energy source for the colon. It helps maintain normal stool solidity, bulk and moisture content. Such insoluble fiber also helps to give a correct transit time of the bowel, which is to say it moves the digested particles through at a good rate, not too fast or slow.Therefore it can be good for both constipation and diarrhea problems.

Other conditions helped by beet pulp are Inflammatory Bowel Disease (best known as IBD), colitis, overgrowth of bad bacteria and possibly even cancer (that is prevention of cancer as the fiber will help to eliminate toxins and abnormal conditions in the gut which can lead to cancer).

So for a healthy dog or cat, unless contra-indicated by some medical condition, ensure your pet gets the correct amount of fiber in the diet.

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Until next time, be well and be happy,

Dr. Jan

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