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Pet Newsletter - Cat and Dog Newsletter
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     Cat and Dog Newsletter       

Our free pet newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with valuable information for your pet. We have a dog newsletter that caters to canine needs. The pet newsletter provides tips on how to keep your pooch healthy and safe, has valuable coupons, and lists rescues and animal shelters where you can adopt a new friend. We also have a cat newsletter loaded with valuable tips, advice and coupons on how to make your feline purr. Businesses that cater to your dog or cat are listed in the pet newsletters, such as veterinary hospitals, pet groomers, pet supply stores that offer special foods and doggy parks where you can take your canine for a frolic during the summer months. For those who want to travel or move with their pets, a list of pet friendly hotels and apartments services will be supplied.

It's important to keep your best friend happy, whether its a kitten, older cat, puppy or senior dog. The free pet newsletter will offer techniques on how to deal with behavioral issues. Do you have an aggressive fear biting dog? Do you have a cat that sprays all over the house? What kind of dog is suitable for your home? What breed of canine is suitable for a family with a child? Our pet newsletter will help you.

For those who have senior dogs or cats, and are interested in pet cremation or burial, we will offer a list of businesses that will help you in your time of grief.

The pet newsletter will have a veterinarian who will supply answers to a lot of questions such as: How often do I deworm my puppy or dog? Should I spay or neuter my animal? What are signs of parvo? When is it time to put my older dog to sleep? Are there other options besides declawing for cats?

The free pet newsletter will offer readers a chance to share their thoughts about their animals. Having a dog or cat in your home is like having another family member. We love animals and want you to have an enjoyable journey with Fido or Princess. Our pet newsletter will be enjoyable to read in the morning, when you have your cup of coffee. We guarantee that you will learn something new every time, and that you will have a cornucopia of information that will help you in taking care of your four legged furry friends.

By signing up you get the following:

  • New nutrition and health information

  • Great Information on product reviews

  • Funny pet stories

  • links to other great sites

  • ... and a whole lot more. 

Pet Newsletter - Cat and Dog Newsletter
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