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     Dogs and Senior Citizens:
The Key to a Long and Happy Life
A Dog Will Make Your Life Healthier and Happier  

Living a longer life may be just as simple as getting a dog. Studies have found that pet ownership has a direct correlation in the number of years that you will live. This is not the only benefit that can be found from having a dog, however. Recuperating from illness or injury is made much quicker and more efficient with the companionship of a pet as well. This is why they tend to be a great choice for senior citizens.

Having a pet brings out the natural ability to nurture and love. Senior citizens get a lot of satisfaction and joy from taking care of a pet and the pet loves them unconditionally. This type of love and acceptance can give a senior citizen a great sense of self-esteem and responsibility, which keeps them interested in life. Even petting a cat or dog has been found to release those feel-good hormones, endorphins, to give a new view on life and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Healthy Body and Mind

A pet will not only make a good companion for sitting around the house. It can be a great encouragement to get outside and exercise as well. Senior citizens who have pets have been found to be much more active and healthy than those who do not. This makes sense when you think about it, because a dog helps the senior citizen to find the enthusiasm to get out of the house and walk. With a furry companion waiting by the door, excited to get outside, it is hard to stay inside!

Some dogs can be a great help to senior citizens in helping them to determine when they are having health issues. It is a known fact that dogs have helped their masters to realize when their blood sugar is low, when they are about to have a seizure, or are having other symptoms of illness. This is not a sole reason to get a dog, however, simply because it is still being researched. It is a much better idea to visit your doctor.

Senior citizens often have issues with depression. This is quite understandable, however, when you consider that they are watching their friends and family members get ill and pass away. They also live alone for the most part and may not have much contact with others. All of these factors come together to be a major cause of depression in senior citizens. By adding a dog to their life, this can give them the enthusiasm to live their life and it can decrease depression. A dog can also offer a sense of safety and security to their home and life.

Furry Friendships

The friendship that comes with a pet is something that is greatly valued by many senior citizens. Even nursing homes and hospitals realize the impact that pets can have on the mental and physical condition of patients and this is why they allow pets in for visits. Even recuperative therapists recommend the addition of a dog to a recuperating patientís life to help make the recuperative process quicker and more efficient.

Senior citizens who have pets are known for being healthier and happier. They have a responsibility for taking care of their pet and this gives them the impetus to get up every morning and live their life. It gives the individual companionship and unconditional love that can enable them to get through crises and other problems with less stress. For a senior citizen, a dogís love and acceptance is priceless in what they get from the experience.

Dog Choice

If you are looking for a dog for yourself or for an elderly friend or family member, there are several things that you want to keep in mind. Among these is the size of home that you or your friend/family member lives in. Smaller homes will dictate the need for a small or medium sized dog. Larger dogs may fit into a small home, but they will not have the room that they need to run and play. If you want a smaller dog that is hearty, a doodle may be a good choice. They enjoy spending time outdoors, sleeping in their decorative dog crates, and just being with humans. They are small, but not tiny like many dog breeds.

Senior citizens find that dogs offer much more to their life than mere companionship. From keeping them healthier to making them feel safer and more secure, pets can give many more benefits than you can imagine. Make the most of the years that you have by giving this time to a furry four-legged friend who will give you love and joy.

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