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     Dogs and Excessive Scratching   


If you find your dog is itching, scratching and in discomfort as a result, you should not be alarmed. Itching and scratching has become a very common canine health condition in dogs, so do not feel as though this problem cannot be treated easily.

To dealwith the condition, you need to detect why your dog is scratching so that you can reduce it and prevent it from returning. Whether you will be able to do this with simple medical products or seeking professional help, the treatment process is fairly straight forward.

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The following may be possible reasons for why your dog is suffering from excessive scratching:

·         Parasites - It is not uncommon for dogs to have suffered discomfort from fleas, ticks, mange or lice, which settle in the skin and coat of your pet and cause them to scratch. There is a wide selection of flea treatments available to buy, but it might be worth checking with a vet if you are unsure.

·         Poor Nutrition - Dry or flaky skin may be the primary cause for your dog’s itching, so it’s important to ensure their diet contains plenty of omega oils, which can be supplied from an omega 3 and 6 oil supplement. In the long term and if left untreated, excessive scratching could result in:

-       Hair loss

-       Exposure to pollen

-       Exposure to dust mites

-       Red and inflamed patches of skin

The prominent omega 6 oil needed in your dog’s skin is called Linoleic Acid, a barrier which retains moisture and prevents dry and flaky skin.

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