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     7 Tips to Consider When You Walk a Dog   

By: Jeff Schuman

When people go to walk a dog, they don't consider the various obstacles that may stop them from having a pleasant walk. There are several things that can ruin a walk, but if you plan ahead of time and consider these tips it will be relaxing to walk a dog.

Tip 1: Training dog to walk on a leash

It is important that the when you walk a dog, they have been trained or are comfortable walking on a leash. Training dogs to walk on a leash is very simple because most are eager to just get outside and explore.

Tip 2: How many walks a day?

If you walk a dog a couple times a day for a half hour, they will get the energy out of them and go to the bathroom. You can turn it into a one hour ordeal, but splitting it up into morning and afternoon or early night walks allows them to get their energy out at different times of the day rather than all at once.

Tip 3: Social skills for the dog

When you walk a dog you have to remember that a walk is a social experience for them in a sense. Depending on the dog's obedience, allow them to greet other people and other dogs to build relationships. This will help their self-esteem and better their mood.

Tip 4: Restrict the dog

As mentioned in the previous tip, it is important to let them greet others and explore. However, it is important to restrict the dog to a point and maintain some kind of authority over it. You don't want the dog to be wandering onto other people's yards or running wild, so that is why training dogs to walk on a leash is important.

Tip 5: Cleaning poop

To clean up after your dog, it is important to remember to bring a plastic bag or some kind of pooper-scooper.

Tip 6: Vary the walks

As mentioned earlier, when you walk a dog it is the highlight of their day. By varying the route you take, this allows the dog to venture new surroundings and keeps them interested to explore new habitats.

Tip 7: Practice obedience skills

Walking a dog is fun for them, but you can also use it as a time to practice some of their obedience skills. Reviewing the basic skills allows them to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. You want to be careful NOT to turn it into strictly an obedience time for them though, because it is there most enjoyable time of the day.

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