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     A Guide to Dog Training  

By: Patrick Carpen

Before beginning any dog training regimen, it is a good idea to look into all available options. There are several different types of dog training regimens, and finding the one that is right for you and your dog is the most beneficial course of action you can take. There are basically five different types of dog training: puppy preschool, basic training, intermediate training, advanced training, and finally the Canine Good Citizen training.

The first, puppy preschool, is for dogs five months of age and younger, but no earlier than six weeks of age. This training is just a puppy basics course that lasts about six to eight weeks, and it teaches your puppy how to properly socialize with people and other animals. It also begins teaching basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come.

The second step in dog training is the basic training. This is for puppies that are at least five-months-old, and it lasts about eight to ten weeks. This is, as its name states, a basic course for training your dog the basics, such as sitting, staying, coming, heeling, and how to walk properly on a leash.

The third course is the intermediate training. This course is designed for dogs at least five months of age who are already familiar with the basic commands that were either taught in a basic training course or taught by the owner. The course lasts anywhere from eight to ten weeks, and it is a more detailed course, which teaches, more meticulously, how to follow basic commands, such as staying for a longer time, and it also teaches puppies to follow, not only its owner's commands, but also the commands of others.

The next step in dog training courses is the advanced training. This course is also about eight to ten weeks in length, and is again, a follow-up to the previous courses in a much more rigorous and detailed form. This course is only for dogs that have successfully completed the three previous courses, and it teaches more advanced commands, such as how to walk without a leash. This course is the final preparation for the last course.

The final, and most advanced course is the Canine Good Citizen training course designed for dogs who have mastered all of the previous courses, especially all aspects of the advanced course. It is only designed for dogs that are extremely well-behaved and can flawlessly follow commands. The course can last for several weeks, and it can only be completed if your dog can pass an extremely tough training test.

You should definitely keep all of your options open, and look into each of them thoroughly. You may only opt to have your puppy train with these courses until he is able to follow basic commands, or you may decide to have your puppy follow all the way through each of the courses until he is a perfect doggie citizen!

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