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     The Top Ten Dog Obedience Tips   

By: Lisa Nobles

A new puppy is a wonderful addition to any household. They provide love, and hours of enjoyment and happiness. However, they can often come with some early teething problems. There's barking, potty training, chewing, and many more hurdles to overcome.

Be prepared, a new puppy does not come trained, so you will have to be the one to put your dog through some obedience training.

This article gives you the top 10 dog obedience tips on how to get your puppy trained and under control. Save yourself some time and frustration and read these tips. Put them to the test with your new puppy!

1. Use Praise and Correction effectively- If your new puppy does something right, give it praise- a pat or a snack. If your dog does something bad, make sure they know it. Don't abuse them though.

2. Repetition is needed- Your puppy is not going to learn something straight away. You need to exercise repetition of commands for each thing you want your puppy to be able to do.

3. Don't offer conflicting signals- You need to ensure that all people in your house offer the same signals for the same actions and treat your new puppy in the same way. Conflicting signals are only going to confuse your new dog.

4. Don't punish a dog if you haven't taught it something- Going on from the tip mentioned above, don't punish your dog if you haven't taught it how to do something. This is just confusing for the dog.

5. Have short training sessions- A puppy has a short attention span, so ensure that you keep any obedience training sessions short and sharp.

6. Take your obedience training slowly- Each dog will learn obedience at different speeds. Take your obedience training slowly and do not get frustrated. Your new puppy will pick up on your frustration.

7. Do obedience training with the dog yourself- Dogs are inherently pack animals and they look towards a leader. You need to make sure you are the leader they look towards.

8. Always practice obedience training- You could teach a dog obedience at all times. Teach them to fetch of a morning and sit before you feed them.

9. Only correct your dog if you see them doing something bad- Don't punish your dog if you think it has done something wrong. Only punish your dog is you see it do something wrong and immediately after you see it do something wrong. That way your dog will stop doing things that you don't want them to do.

10. Find out what motivates your dog- Is your dog motivated by doggie treats or is it more motivated by praise? Find out what motivates your dog and use that to help with obedience training.

Dogs are fantastic companions. But, a well trained dog is always better. Use the 10 tips mentioned above and you will be well on your way to having a well trained dog by your side.

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