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     Dog Health Problems...Find Out Now. 

By: Noah Schettini

As always, you need to be very involved within your dogs life. You must bring your dog to the vet to check its health, do this often. Your dogs main vaccinations: exams, worming, spaying, flea control are required to get done. Also, getting your dog neuterd. Do this to help keep your dog healthy.

Your dog cannot tell you when it feels sick. It is very good to get use to your dog's normal behavior. Any sudden change to his physical or social behavior may signal the onset of a dog health problem, and early detection may save your dog's life. If your dog gets sick, take him to the vet right away. Veterinary care protects your health as well as your pet's, as the dog may carry a disease that can be transmitted to people. The most dangerous and well-known transmittable disease by far is rabies, a disease that causes almost certain death if not treated immediately.

Get used to learning the signs of illness in your dog. A sick dog usually tires easily, drinks excessive amounts of water and/or refuse to eat. The other signs that can show are fever, runny or red eyes, dry nose, convulsions, and also dry cough. Frequent vomiting and loose bowel movement may also indicate a medical problem.

Parasitic worms are also a cause for concern as these parasites cause various dog health problems. Blood tests to check for heartworms should be included in your dog's annual checkup. These parasites are transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause serious illness. Your vet can prescribe you medicine that will protect your dog against heartworms.

Fleas and ticks are also a nuisance to your pet's health. They can cause anemia or paralysis. Keeping your dog clean and well groomed can help minimize this threat. Cleaning and dusting your pet's quarters with flea powder weekly can also help keep your dog free of fleas.

As an owner there are preventive measures that you can take in order to prevent dog health problems from manifesting. Make sure that you give your dog the best nutrition possible in order for him to develop a shield against common diseases associated with malnutrition or improper diet. Keep your pet healthy and in shape by giving him plenty of room and time to exercise. Follow your veterinarian's vaccination schedule and regularly bring your dog for check-ups in order to detect any early signs of trouble. Give your dog its regular prevention medicine for heartworm and other parasites. Always keep your dog well-groomed and clean. Brush your dog's teeth or give it a tooth cleaning treat every week to avoid any gum or dental problems. Most of all, do not forget to give your dog lots of affection and firm but fair discipline to help keep him mentally healthy and happy.

Your vet can tell you more about common dog health problems for your dog's particular breed, so make sure you ask about them on your dog's next visit.

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