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     Dog or Cat Vomit: Green, Yellow and Blood Colored.

Vomiting occurs when something in the intestines is irritating, infected or irritated or when toxins and such affect the brain. This process is mostly used to eliminate contents in the gut that shouldn't be there to keep further damage to the body from happening.

Vomit can be yellow if only stomach contents are being thrown up, barring any yellow colored foods or food coloring being involved. If the food makes it into the first part of the intestines before it is vomited the vomit make have a green color. Both of these are due to bile, but the difference is from where in the system does the vomit originate.

Blood in the vomit, is of course a more serious thing usually. This indicates either such severe irritation to the gut lining that blood is leaking from the gut, an ulcer in the stomach, a bleeding tumor in the gut or a bleeding problem in general such as certain rat poisens or genetic diseases can cause. Digested blood can look like coffee grounds and if this is seen, there is something serious happeneing.

In young dogs and immune suppressed ones, the Parvo virus causes bloody vomting and diarrhea and is a serious disease. The Panleukopenia (distemper) virus in kittens and immune suppressed cats will do the same.

Vomitting once with no blood very well may not be serious for an otherwise healthy pet. They may have eaten something they shoudln't have. Still, if you decide not to see a veterinarian, watch closely for any further development of signs as vomiting might be just the beginning of something more.

Such misadventures as eating garbage or certain plants can cause vomiting. Viruses as described above and other infectious causes can as well. Internal parasites are a cause. Any externally ingested toxin can do so, as well as toxins built up in the body and not removed due to kidney or liver failure. Foreign bodies can lodge in certain parts of the gut and not let anything pass and will cause vomiting. String or string-like material is serious if eaten, as it ties up the gut and can cut through it. If you know your pet has eaten anything strange, contact your veterinarian ASAP before you do anything. Definitely don't cut off a string if it was swallowed as that may help the veterinarian get the string out with out full surgical procedure being needed.

Regardless, if your pet vomits and looks ill in any way, there is blood or unusual objects in the vomit, see a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.

Chronic vomiting is usually due to some long term allergic or other disease that won't cause quick downslides but still should be evaluated and treated.

Tests to diagnose the cause are a thorough questioning as to diet and dietary changes or possible exposure to toxins, garbage, etc..; a complete physical exam; blood tests to check for liver and kidney and other such causes; x-rays which may include a contrast media like barium; maybe ultrasound; and as a last resort exploratory surgery.

Once a cause is determined, a specific treatment can be done. Non-specific treatments to settle the stomach and nausea can be started before that,of course, but it is always best to treat a specific cause when one can be found.

Best wishes until next time,

Dr. Jan

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