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     What To Know About Dog Bed Designs Before Purchasing   

By: Joede De

Are you familiar with dog bed designs and materials used to fabricate a quality bed for your dog?

Designer Dog Beds: Okay we've all heard of designer dog products - from diamond studded collars to fashionable dog clothes. But designer dog beds are quite a bit more practical and actually useful to your dog. Designer dog beds usually mean that they are made of high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colors and styles to accommodate your home décor. Watch out for dog beds that advertise "designer" and are made of what seem to be quality materials but are not practical for the wear and tear of a dog bed. Any good dog bed, even a designer one, should be washable, comfortable and durable.

Orthopedic Dog Beds: Orthopedic dog beds are a great way to give added support and comfort for your dog. Aging dogs often have joint problems, have trouble getting up or laying down, and may not sleep well without proper support. Usually, an orthopedic dog bed is overstuffed with a mixture of high density material and memory fiber to ensure that extra support. You need to keep your dog comfortable, orthopedic dog beds can do that and more. Look for orthopedic dog beds that are recommended by veterinarians.

Dog Couches: Dog couches are a great way to let your dog relax when they aren't in their bed and give them their own lounging space - keeping them off yours. Dog couches are typically made in a bolster style allowing them to curl up or stretch out. These extra-large, easy entry "dog furniture" styles are a great alternative to a pillow or extra bed in your living room or anywhere else you relax with your dog. Dog couches can be just as comfortable and supportive as a bed. Make sure you find one that is washable and made of durable materials.

New High Quality Materials: Dog beds now come in an amazing variety of high quality materials for every need. In order to keep your pet's sleeping area clean, dog beds should be washable. But low-maintenance, washable, durable beds are just the start. Some manufacturers have developed dog beds that are antibacterial, anti-odor, and even waterproof. These attributes can help to keep your dog's bed last a lifetime and keep your home more comfortable as well. Stain resistant, chew resistant and anti-microbial are even more options for dog bed materials. Whatever you and your dog's needs may be, you can find a dog bed that can accommodate them.

Joede writes about quality dog supplies and orthopedic dog beds that are recommended by vets. See

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