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     How Do I Keep Dogs From Coming In My Yard And Barking?   

By: Jeff Schuman

If you are a dog owner then you know that all dogs do bark sometimes. Anyone who lives around dogs or has a dog of their own has asked this question at times, how do I keep dogs from barking and coming in my yard?

Is natural for them and they do it to protect themselves and their territory, to warn of dangers or fear, or if they are hungry. It is important that you identify the trigger that starts your dog barking.

For example, when you have friends over do they bark? Once you know when and why they bark you will have a much easier time of getting them to stop barking.

So how do I keep dogs from barking and coming in my yard?

Let's start with how to keep dogs from barking. In order to get your dog to stop barking you need to remember that it takes gentle persuasion instead of an angry approach. Find a catch phrase you can use with your dog such as "stop barking" or "no barking." You want to repeat this phrase to your dog over and over until your dog stops barking.

You want to reward them with their favorite treat once they stop barking. The secret is repetition and persistence, especially if your dog is barking because they are afraid or nervous.

Is important that you say it loud enough to get your dog's attention when you use the catch phrase. While you have their attention and keep repeating the phrase.

Only when they obey you and stop barking do you reward them. Keep this up until it gets to the point that you only have to say the phrase and they stop right away.

Rewards and coercion is how to keep dogs from barking. This is a much better way to train your dog.

You don't want to scare them unnecessarily otherwise you and your dog will be unhappy. You want to remember that your dog is your best friend so you want to make sure you treat them as such.

Now let's look at how to keep dogs from coming in your yard. There are a couple of different things that you can do. The best way to stop them from coming in your yard is to get a well built fence.

Make sure it is tall enough that the dogs can't jump over it. However, this can get expensive, especially if you have a big yard. Another thing you can do is check into the invisible fences that are available.

You want to look at all the ones you can find until you find the one that will work for your situation. These are the two best ways to keep dogs from entering your yard.

It is easier to answer the question, how do I keep dogs from barking and coming in my yard then it is to actually make it happen. You will have some work ahead of you but it will be well worth it when you have a dog that will listen to you.

You will also have some work to do to find the best fence or other way to keep dogs out of your yard.

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