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     Preserving the Memory of a Pet
via Eco-Friendly Cremation Pet Urns 

By: Kristin Gabriel

The concept of designing artistic pet cremation urns was founded on Western society's evolution in viewing death over the last century, since the first pet memorial park was established in the state of New York around 1917. Memorializing pets is growing in popularity and people are adopting more creative ways to preserve the memory of their beloved pets. Many are seeking ways that they can honor their cherished friends with artistic pet memorials that blend with the home and are also eco-friendly.

Pet cremation is just one of the categories in the pet services business. Outpacing non-food supplies and forecasted to reach more than $22 billion in 2008, pet services happens to be one of the fastest-growth pet markets. 63 percent of the U.S., or 71.1 million homes, own a pet. This is up from 56 percent in 1988. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) also estimated spending of $40.8 billion on pets in the U.S. in 2007. (Source: APPMA 2007-2008 National Pet Owners survey.)

Interestingly, out of this new industry, there are a number of successful artists springing forth. Artists like Métis Design & Culture is one company that is designing environmentally friendly pet urns and innovative products in harmony with society's openness as well as multiculturalism.

The innovative artists of today blend high-end industrial design and technology with traditional materials and ancient techniques, juxtaposing materials such as aluminum to lacquer. Their work is art that celebrates life by using only sparse raw materials such as burled maple, grainy leather, and anodized aluminum.

There are hand crafted, unique pet urns, engraved stone pet memorials, pet memorial headstones and grave markers in marble, genuine river rock, cultured river rock, cultured slate, black granite or bluestone. Many pet lovers choose pet garden statues, hand-painted pottery pet urns, pet keepsake boxes, pet portrait and art, glass art, burial boxes, or custom engraved glasswork. Some artists are even offering people abstract painting with the cremains of their pet painted within the artwork.

It's helpful for parents assisting children with the loss of a pet, there are also websites that provide grieving support so that people can find links to pet loss information and pet loss counseling websites to help them honor and say goodbye to a pet. Visitors can create virtual pet memorials with tributes and photof to share with family and friends.

Pet cremation services are offered through most veterinary clinics and although private crematorium prices vary, the average costs are between $75 and $350. Once the family chooses to receive the pet ashes back from the crematorium, they must decide on private burial, either in their yard with a custom pet grave marker or in a vessel such as a pet memorial urn to keep or for spreading.

A professional writer, Kristin Gabriel is based in Los Angeles, CA and works with, a place where people honor their pets for eternity. Peternity provides custom products including pet memorial stones and grave markers, pet urns, garden statue pet memorials, pet memorial headstones, pet keepsake memorials, pet portraits, burial boxes, custom engraved glasswork, and other pet memorials. Visit

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