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     Catnip effect on cats 

Catnip effects

Catnip is an interesting herb, actually of the mint family. It contains oils that can do many things in pet and in people. Best known are the effects on cats, who when they smell it, will roll around, act almost like in heat, or hunt, play and maybe even get a little aggressive.

It is very interesting to learn that some cats donít respond to catnip. It is a genetic trait that gets passed along in about 15% of cats that they wonít react to this oil. Also, young cats that havenít reached anything close to sexual maturity tend to not be affected as much, or at all.

Another curious fact is that when the oil is sniffed, even if the cat cannot smell, the effects of catnip tend to be to stimulate the animal. Yet, if the oil is eaten or given by mouth as an herbal remedy, it tends to be calming.

Other effects in animals are antispasmotic, antidiarrheal and fever reducing ones In people it has been known to help with all kinds of aches and pains, chills, toothaches, digestive gas and water retention. There even potentially are antistringent and antibiotic properties to this oil.

The catnip leaves when fresh donít necessary produce any response unless broken or chewed so the oil and odor can be taken in. Then you get the euphoric or other attitudes in your cat. Drying the leaves makes them more aromatic as well which is why most catnip you get at pet stores is dried.

So, you can stimulate your furry friend by letting him or her sniff catnip or calm them down by having them eat it or using the oil as an herbal tincture. For the second effect, visit our website for our product Nutricalm which has catnip and other calming agents in it. Go to Liquid Nutri Calm.

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