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     Raising an American Bandogge Mastiff Puppy   

By: Brendan Forde

When you choose a pure-bred dog, you basically know what you are getting, 2 or 3 years down the line. You can know in advance the size and ahape of the mature dog, his color and temperament. So consider more than the "cuteness" factor.

The breeder has a breeding program to "breed in" desirable qualities and characteristics, and to "breed out" or eliminate undesirable qualities. When you opt for a cross-breed, you are effectively taking a chance - you can not be certain which characteristics your mature dog will develop.

The American Bandog Mastiff is part American Pit Bull Terrier, part Neapolitan Mastiff. The most reputable breed is the Swinford, named after the vetenarian who "developed" the strain - these are noted for possessing a good temperament and high intelligence. The Swinford is loving and extremely loyal, and is highly valued as a guardian dog.

One day, and much sooner than you think, that little mastiff puppy is going to be a very large mastiff dog. And you really have to bear this fact in mind when rearing it.

Every domestic animal should have some obedience training when young, and the mastiff is no exception. You will also have to exercise strict discipline, not allowing any behavior in the puppy that you would forbid in the adult dog. It's too easy to spoil the puppy and treat him as you might a cat, giving him free reign in the home. Neither you or your suddenly-very-large mastiff is going to find it easy to change patterns of behavior established in his early days. And it is very difficult to "reason" with an animal who is much heavier and stronger than yourself!

Like most puppies of whatever breed, the young mastiff loves to chew, but the mastiff has extremely strong jaws, so he can easily destroy many normal dog toys. If you do not provide these, you will find that he will chew on sticks or stones or anything he can find, and swallowing chunks of these will lead to intestinal problems. You want to get advice from your vetenarian, breeder, or a good pet store on suitable toys for your young mastiff.

The mastiff is genetically programmed to grow and develop at a remarkable rate, so the diet should simply be good quality dog food. Avoid artificial supplements and vitamin shots, he will achieve his full healthy potential with the basic feed. The mastiff has a seemingly unquenchable thirst, so always ensure that there is a readily available source of clean drinking water. The mastiff does drool, unfortunately, and this can soon contaminate his drinking water - you should wash his bowl and replace his water, for he will not drink his soiled water.

Good early training and discipline will ensure that your American bandog mastiff puppy grows into a fine loving and healthy companion for the family, and a reliable guardian for your home.

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